TDMP – Tax Deductible Mortgage Program

tax deductible mortgage How to get a Tax Refund every year using the same cash flow as your mortgage payments………….

Did you know American homeowners can tax deduct their mortgage interest?

This is not the case in Canada, but with good financial planning and the right mortgage structure, homeowners are now able to collect tax refunds.

A Tax Deductible Mortgage is designed to generate Tax Refunds using the same cash flow as your mortgage payments. This technique has become increasingly popular since the introduction of specific mortgage products from many major lenders. These mortgages may be offered in bank branches but the expertise to set it up, run it and stay within the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines is not always available.

The average homeowner spends $1,000’s every year on interest! If it was tax deductible, the tax deductions would be substantial. Over a 25 year mortgage it could be a small fortune in savings and tax refunds.


  •   Tax refunds…every year! *
  •   May pay off the mortgage in half the time
  •   Build a nest egg

Complimentary Seminars

“9 Little-Known Money-Traps That Routinely Cost Many Homeowners Hundreds of Thousands.”

Before you can even decide if this is for you, you need to find out exactly how it works. Tax Deductible Mortgage is offering complimentary seminars that offer full disclosure on how to restructure your mortgage payments to become tax deductible.

The No Sales Pressure Guarantee!!!

This is not a sales presentation making this meeting unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You will not be asked to buy anything; it is simply an information session allowing you to decide if you wish to explore it further.

A lightning quick 76 minutes of your time is all it costs.

Find out How it Works:

A Tax Deductible Mortgage is a financial strategy with two components:

The Mortgage Plan converts Traditional Mortgage Debt into an Investment Line of Credit (ILOC) that is capable of generating Tax Refunds.*

To initiate The Mortgage Plan:

  • Register for a Seminar
  • Get a Complimentary Evaluation to see your numbers
  • Structure Mortgage for Tax Benefits
  • File Tax Returns & Collect Your Refunds!

By integrating The Pension Plan

  • Your Mortgage May Be Paid Off Even Sooner;
  • Tax Refunds are potentially Greater; and
  • Your Investment Portfolio Builds Faster!

It’s that simple!

The Pension Plan uses leverage investment techniques to accelerate financial benefits.

What’s the Buzz?

Jonathan Chevreau, one of Canada’s leading personal finance journalists reports:

“It may be nothing short of a revolution.”

” .. each dollar knocked off principal is pumped back into a loan to buy investments, the interest on which is tax deductible. Gradually, the mortgage falls to zero and the investment portfolio soars …”

Jonathan Chevreau

Financial Post, August 23 2006 (printed with permission)

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What does Revenue Canada say?

Mortgage interest is not deductible in Canada; however, by implementing a Tax Deductible Mortgage your mortgage payment cash flow can become tax deductible.

Canada Revue Agency published guidelines several years ago:

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The biggest risk is the risk of doing nothing.

Remember … “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got – HIGH TAXES”.