Tax Deductible Mortgage

tax deductible mortgage
Is Your Mortgage Tax Deductible?

How to get Tax Refunds from your mortgage every year

Did you know American homeowners can tax deduct their mortgage interest? This is not the case in Canada, but with good financial planning and the right mortgage structure, homeowners are now able to collect Tax Refunds.

A Tax Deductible Mortgage is designed to generate Tax Refunds using the same cash flow as your mortgage payments. This technique has become increasingly popular since the introduction of specific mortgage products from many major lenders. These mortgages may be offered in bank branches, but the expertise to set it up, run it and stay within the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines is not always available.

The average homeowner spends $1,000’s every year on interest! If it was tax deductible, tax deductions would be substantial depending on the tax bracket. Over 25 year mortgage it could be a small fortune in savings and tax refunds!
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Does It Really Work?

Jonathan Chevreau, one of Canada’s leading personal finance journalists reports:

“It may be nothing short of a revolution.” “.. each dollar knocked off principal is pumped back into a loan to buy investments, the interest on which is tax deductable. Gradually, the mortgage falls to zero and the investment portfolio soars…”

Strategy looks like a revolution: Making your mortgage tax-deductible
National Post
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Article published by permission

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